Our mission is to enable companies to be agile organizations that will contribute to the future humanity desires to create for itself. Workforces are experiencing the onslaught of change caused by technological innovations as continual challenges to step up and lead. Changing circumstances also offer new market places of opportunity. But one has to keep up with new realities. Fast-paced change, increased complexity and new knowledge all force leaders to become expert lifetime learners. Effective learning and leadership are interconnected and require participation in communities of practice and a company culture of learning. We help leaders envision and execute skills transfer and best practices in knowledge-sharing. An agile company starts with change leadership and a senior executive team expert in their fields but able to cross over to other fields and out of their comfort zones. Steady doses of learning, team-building, and change leadership allow great strides in adaptability over time. We believe literacy in science and the humanities sharpens the mind and strengthens these abilities.


Our Vision for our client’s organization is a workplace with motivated teams engaged in dialogue, and seeking continual learning, progress, and prosperity for all. Our ideal client deals with disruptions and unexpected threats with a people-centered knowledge and learning approach.  Market changes and paradigm-shifting technologies are opportunities and we envision working with diverse businesses on identifying their unique challenges forging paths to thrive in a new environment.


Archipelago Rising (AR) offers a unique approach to solving knowledge-related problems in organizations. It is a people-centered approach while also principled and systematic. We specialize in teamwork, community building, content curation, and cultivating a culture of learning. Our approach starts with self directed learning and professional growth for executives and extends to professional development for the whole organization. If there are market demands which require your whole organization to adapt, you have come to the right place. We will help you put systems in place for micro and macro learning curves and resistance to change.