Archipelago Rising (AR) delivers a practical vision for capacity-building based on enhancing our clients’ expert, professional knowledge, community building, and teamwork applied to immediate problem-solving and marketing needs.  We curate the latest and highest level knowledge relevant to your business.  

We work with clients to identify learning needs, implement teamwork, and create new pathways which enable a learning culture. This includes opportunities for learning the best new knowledge affecting the executive’s vision in addition to community-building frameworks for education and market growth.  This enables us to bring our clients a practical vision for future strength and growth. 

Individual employees and teams sometimes drift out of sync with your goals and your company’s need to adapt. Don’t let new knowledge become “disruption.” Prevent that from happening through a research-based approach and learning culture. This form of capacity building will save time, money, and gain a competitive advantage.

As a senior leader, you hone your company’s competitive edge by determining the knowledge and decisions that will turn your vision into reality. We specialize in turning your idea into a reality through a research-based approach that focuses on teamwork. Currently, we are focusing on three main areas of impact:

  • Organizations using AR’s knowledge sharing and teamwork approaches will achieve higher retention rights and recruit higher quality staff.   
  • Archipelago Rising clients will create and monetize high-caliber content that shares their vision while earning them passive income and attracting new business.   
  • Archipelago Rising will help the world by bringing new knowledge to light that addresses the most pressing global challenges and uplifts humanity.

Our Name

An Archipelago is a group of underwater mountains that have risen out of the water to become visible islands above the surface. Our name, Archipelago Rising, or AR, is symbolic of the way we view our work. By building communities we form Archipelagos of knowledge and talent. We do this through executive literacy and curating knowledge around professional application; activities that produce “islands” of learning, expertise, and accomplishment.

We see Knowledge Curation as a new way of doing business and a key to staying competitive in an ever-changing and more complicated world. Those who learn New Knowledge will thrive; those who stay the same will fall behind.  Archipelago Rising is a symbol of elevating the best, new emerging knowledge.  

Archipelago Rising refers to a principled, systematic approach to knowledge curation, intellectual property management, and learning. Individual and collective learning mindsets form the basis for energetic organizational growth, evolution, and professional achievement. Our view on knowledge focuses on impact; our practices therefore complement, augment, and at times challenge aspects of the traditional academic paradigm of learning.