Change and Transformation Through Storytelling with Malini Srikrishna

This episode provides an in-depth exploration of the power of storytelling and its incredible potential for creating meaningful change and transformation. We examine the multiple contexts wherein storytelling can be employed, such as in marketing, entrepreneurship, social work, spirituality, and even in our own personal lives. Through this investigation, we gain a better understanding of the great magnitude of the impact storytelling can have and how it can be utilized to help us make meaningful improvements in our lives, both professionally and personally. In the end, we delve into the possibilities that storytelling offers for stimulating our growth and inspiring transformation. Furthermore, we will explore how this ancient art form can help us cultivate greater clarity and self-awareness, as well as provide us with the tools to make a greater impact in our world.

Published by drmcclimans

I educate students and adult learners about community building, teamwork, and knowledge curation. I earned my M.A. in Near Eastern Languages and Cultures in 2004, and my PhD in Multicultural and Global Education in 2019 from Ohio State University.

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